A Brief History

The uncanny Etruscans around 600 BC were the first population to colonize and shape the Chianti landscape. The early inhabitants abandoned the main herding activities devoting themselves mainly to agriculture and introducing the cultivation of the vine. Later on, the Romans imported the olives stimulating a lively rural market exchange.

In 1384, the Lega del Chianti was established, and later, its brand became the black rooster on a golden background. Among its purposes was regulating the relations between the territories of Radda, Gaiole, Castellina, and the producers of red wine. The Middle Ages were hard times, and Chianti suffered all sorts of hardships, invasions, banditry, and famine. The disputes between the republics of Florence and Siena seemed endless and often led to bloody clashes that finally ceased in 1555 with a treaty that brought peace and settled their borders.


Tregole's roots can be traced as far back as 1003, where a document mentions the farm owned by a Lombard family that produced wheat, wine, and raised livestock.

In the 1300s, Tregole became the residence of the Palagi family. In 1580 they built the chapel dedicated to San Giuseppe and remained owners until the 1960's when the last Palagi heir, elderly and childless, sold the properties and, after a period of alternation of owners, the Conte family purchased this spectacular slice of heaven. 

Today Tregole is mainly a mother-daughter affair, Sophie manages the farm with the energy and passion of her young age, and Edith supervises the accommodations, the gardening, and cooking classes. The business includes a fine wine production of 5.5 ha and can accommodate twenty guests.


  • edith

    belongs to the first generation of the Conte family that purchased the property; she's responsible for its reconstruction and rebirth

  • Sophie

    is the last guiding hand of this long story; she aims to continue the long-lived story of viticulture, olive growing, preservation of the territory, and hospitality. She's deeply in love both with Tregole, and its bunches of Sangiovese fruits

  • Francesco

    Sophie's brother, is a citizen of the world, but his heart and soul are always in Tregole

  • Dario

    writer, historian, and a passionate connoisseur of these lands, is an outstanding conductor to the world of Tregole

  • Fabio

    master of the vineyards, maniacally distinguishes every single yard and sprout contained within our precious vineyards

  • wilma e corrado

    Wilma e Corrado
    are Tregole's affectionate guardians